Never give up

“Once our minds are ‘tattooed’ with negative thinking, our chances for long-term success diminish.”
– John C. Maxwell

My life has been quite eventful this past year. Two days after being appointed to a leadership team to plan a $2 million fund-raising campaign, I lost my job. A few days later, I found out my teenage daughter was pregnant. I didn’t even know she was having sex!

I lost my home. Things went down from there. I was reminded of a quote that sat on my computer desk years ago:

It goes on and on for days. Then suddenly it gets worse.

No kidding! My former employer handled a company reorganization badly. But, in all honesty, most companies don’t handle reorganizations well.

I shouldn’t have been surprised how things played out. When I was recruited and hired for the job a couple of years earlier, I was surprised at the lack of infrastructure in place.

There was no place for me to work, so I worked from home. I had no equipment, so I had to use my own computer, phone, etc. My job is heavy on computer and phone contact.

Can you say “dysfunctional”?

Not having a place to work was actually the least of my problems. This was a start-up operation that had no phones, budget, or equipment. Six months later, my boss was still working on a budget.

That fateful day

On the day that I lost my job, I was called in early by the board president to work with him on the final part of the reorganization plan. When I arrived at the office, I learned, instead, that I no longer had a job because of that reorganization! Those are the breaks, I guess.

A week later, I found out that my daughter was pregnant. She’s still a kid. I never saw it coming. I didn’t even know she was having sex!

I can always count on family

Over the months, I endured family insults that I was a bad mother. Relatives not only slung mud at my daughter, they slung mud at me. That, in and of itself, was hurtful. The fact that I was unemployed and struggling to keep everything together made life even more challenging. I had moments of total exhaustion – physically and mentally.

Nevertheless, I never gave up. I made sure my daughter got good medical treatment. She stayed in school and continued to excel. We had some very hard times, but we met the challenge head on.

I lost my home shortly after the baby was born. But nothing could take away my joy at the birth of my grandson, who is a gorgeous and happy baby. He looks like his mom and has her charm. Like his mom, he lights up a room with his presence. I am so proud of the kids.

The good news is . . .

My daughter is back in school. Her grades are wonderful. She’ll be in honors classes in the fall.

She has her whole life ahead of her. I want her to remain focused on her goals. Everyone makes mistakes. The mark of maturity is when you can rise above them and keep going.

Our little family is still moving from place to place because I’m still looking for a full-time job. We’ve gotten very little help from family. But that was no surprise. Our faith keeps us going. We also get support from a small cadre of wonderful friends.

Never underestimate the power of God and the kindness of people – some of whom you’ve never met.

My daughter and I will be successful because we refuse to drown in negative thinking. Sure, we get discouraged at times. But we refuse to be destroyed.

The great thing about life is that with each day, you get the opportunity to begin again.

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July 5, 2006. Life.


  1. shirazi replied:

    Welcome you lil girl. This (blogsphere) is one of the wonderful places you can nurse both sides of your distinct personalities.

  2. Naomi replied:

    Shirazi: You make me laugh! LOL You have the honor of being the first person to comment here. I appreciate your stopping by. Hopefully, you will return from time to time.

    Most importantly, “both of us” thank you for your warm welcome. 🙂

  3. shirazi replied:

    You bet, I will return. Thanks.

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