In search of a rewarding career

Today I had a job interview. The position I applied for isn’t full-time. However, it is in promotions, something I think I’d enjoy. I’d get to work with people in a fast-paced environment. If hired, I’d be on call. But it’s a job, and I have to start somewhere.

My interview was at a casino. I live in a major city, but this was the first time I had ever set foot into a casino. Once inside, I gazed in amazement at the flashing lights and the crowds, but only for a few moments. I stayed focused and headed for human resources.

Once there, I completed the second half of an online application. (I completed the first part of the application, my work and education profile, at home.) In the HR office, I answered about 25 questions designed to determine if I have good customer service skills.

I train others in customer service, so I think I did all right on the questionnaire. But I admit to lying on one question. The question: Has anyone ever told you that you talked too much? I answered NO. πŸ™‚

Later, I participated in a group interview with others.

I learned a lot today. When people are gambling away their fortunes in a casino, it’s important to have employees who smile all the time, treat guests like they’re VIPs, and maintain a high-energy environment. Projecting fun is first and foremost in every casino.

Legalized gambling is serious business. If hired, I’d have to get a gaming license. That involves completing a 32-page application and paying a fee of $125. The employer takes the sting out of the fee by allowing employees to pay the fee through payroll deduction. Sweet.

Wish me luck!

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July 7, 2006. Life, Work.


  1. Shirazi replied:

    This is one of the beauty of holdingback your identity – total truth. Wish you get what ever the job you have applied for.

    Also wish you have some more friends, apart from wordpress, on your blog role πŸ˜‰

  2. Naomi replied:

    Ah, yes, Shirazi – the beauty of holding back one’s identity. I love it!

    I’m still finding my way around WordPress. While I have an appreciation for WordPress, I plan to list you first on my blog roll. My red-blooded friend with a twinkle in his eye goes first. πŸ˜‰

  3. Naomi replied:

    BTW, Shirazi, thanks so much for your good wishes about my job search.

  4. Shirazi replied:

    Did the deal go throygh πŸ˜‰

  5. Naomi replied:

    Shirazi, I almost missed your question because it had been identified as spam! Thank goodness, I was able to recover your comment.

    The answer: I have not heard yet. Hopefully, I will hear soon.

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