Executing the deal

I think Alina is right about how to resolve my housing dilemma. I need to go ahead and use this opportunity for my little family to temporarily move in with a guy and his kids. We’ll call this man G. Alina says, in part:

I think you should take it if all in all it is the best option, but do keep it short! Get more money and move out….

(If you don’t know the story behind this move, click here.)

My hotel room is paid up through Tuesday morning. But we’re packing up most of our stuff today and moving it to G’s house. We’ll return to the hotel later today. We’ll stay here until we have to check out. At G’s home, the kids and I will share a bedroom.

G and I talked by phone yesterday. G started off the conversation saying that he needed someone to take care of the kids. I knew that was coming, so I was prepared. I told him that I would handle any childcare duties and that my daughter would devote her time to the baby. G got silent for a minute, but he didn’t say anything.

I knew if I didn’t make my point clear before we moved in, G would be expecting my daughter to cook and clean for his four little boys. I’m certain my daughter will do some things around the house, but I want her to do them when she has the time and the energy, not as a maid. When she was dating G’s son, she used to do a lot of cooking, cleaning and caring for the kids because the house was always a mess. So I think she’s already done more than her fair share of work. We’ll move in for a month or so, save some money, and leave.

Wish us luck. Don’t be surprised if this post becomes one of a continuing saga!

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July 9, 2006. Friends/Family, Life, Personal.


  1. Alina Popescu replied:

    Good luck with the move, Naomi! Hope it stays worry and trouble free and that this time of moving around an having to make hard choices ends in the near future! Keep safe and try having some fun on the side πŸ˜€

  2. Naomi replied:

    Thanks, Alina! I truly appreciate the encouragement. Having some fun on the side would be really nice. In recent months, my source of fun has pretty much revolved around the kids. I know. I need to “get a life.” πŸ™‚

    So far, I’ve taken two loads of “stuff” to Grandpa’s house. I’ll make the final trip today once I check out. It’s amazing what one can cram into a hotel room!

    Grandpa lives across the river, in another state. It’s a 45-minute drive. Most of my business is in the community where I’m living now, so I’ll be commuting daily. At today’s gas prices, I’m not looking forward to all that driving, but things could be a lot worse. I could be living out of my car or in a tent.

    My daughter is thinking about staying with friends. They’ve told her that she and the baby are welcome to stay there. I think she’s probably going to divide her time between staying with me and staying with friends, and that’s fine.

    Again, thanks for the encouragement!

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