Having a pity party? Read this.

The Prayer of St. Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy; O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.



St. Francis was born at Assisi in 1182. After a care free youth, he turned his back on inherited wealth and committed himself to God. Like many early saints, he lived a very simple life of poverty, and in so doing, gained a reputation of being the friend of animals. He established the rule of St Francis, which exists today as the Order of St. Francis, or the Franciscans. He died in 1226, aged 44.

St. Francis’ prayer is a bold one, asking for strength to give of ourselves to meet the needs of others. He recognizes that it “is in giving that we receive,” that as we give of ourselves, we receive the peace and blessing of God.

Think about the situations that you are involved in that require peace, consolation, hope, light and joy. Then, if you’re bold enough, pray the prayer!

Source: The Prayer Guide

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July 11, 2006. Inspiration.


  1. Shirazi replied:

    How is the pity party going?

  2. Naomi replied:

    Shirazi: How nice of you to ask. 🙂 To be honest, I’ve been through a very frustrating time – with G. and with trying to provide for the children.

    The good news is that I convinced G. to put a phone line in his house. He placed the order yesterday. Once we have phone service, I’ll be able to keep this site updated.

    Writing here is my therapy. Plus, hopefully, some of the postings here will be helpful to others going through trying times. Having a landline will also help me immensely with my job search.

    Several people have said that I should save some money and get out of G’s house as soon as possible. They are absolutely right. I admit that I became frustrated when this man gave me a lot of grief when I asked him to buy some baby food and diapers for his own grandson. Up to now, I have born total responsibility for my daughter and the baby. I still do. But I do realize I need help to make sure that the baby remains healthy.

    When G told me that he was not legally responsible for the baby, I almost flipped – especially since I have brought food into the house to feed everyone who lives there. Now my checking account is empty.

    Of course, G is not legally responsible for the baby. Hopefully, he will do the right thing by the baby. Ultimately, however, we must put our trust in God, not man.

    Again, thanks for asking. I apologize for the venting.

    Don’t give up on me. I have not abandoned this site! Love to everyone who has been so supportive, including you, Shirazi.

  3. Naomi replied:

    BTW, I do need to commit this prayer to my heart and mind. It is a longtime favorite of mine.

  4. Alina Popescu replied:

    Naomi, looks like you are handling stuff pretty well! Given what you have to go through, not a lot of people would still be sane and able to think of prayers and to smile a little! I really admire you for all this and wish you the best, soon, very soon! Keep doing the great job you are now doing.

  5. Naomi replied:

    Alina, I really appreciate your kindness. You, too, Shirazi. I’m going to continue moving forward, no matter what. I have my hands full right now, but I hope to have a new post up soon. Stand by! 🙂

  6. shirazi replied:

    What hapened next? You have to complete the story. No?

  7. Naomi replied:

    Shirazi: What happened next? G put me out of his house, so I moved again. I also started working at the casino.

    Thanks for caring. I’ve drafted a new post, but I haven’t had the time to clean up my writing. My hands are still full. I’ll try to get a new post up within the next couple of days.

    Thanks for caring. I didn’t start this blog with the intention of abandoning it! Yes, I will finish the story. In the meantime, my best to you and yours.

  8. Alina Popescu replied:

    Naomi, sorry to hear you had to move again, but I guess it’s for the best, in a way. Oh, and good luck with your Casino job. Hope all gets better and better for you and looking forward to your new post.

  9. Naomi replied:

    Alina: Thank you. I’m looking forward to posting something new, too! I’ve started a couple of things, but “life” seems to pull me away.

    The casino work is front-line. It’s hard work, but I enjoy working with people. Stay tuned!

    Have a wonderful week, and thanks so much for checking back.

  10. Alina Popescu replied:

    Hey Naomi, just stopped by to say hi. Hope everything is going great for you! Looking forward to your new posts.

  11. Naomi replied:

    Alina! I was just thinking about you! I saw your comment on Sunday, as I was racing out the door to go to my casino job.

    In my typical shift, I work 11- to 13 hours on my feet doing promotions work. It’s grueling – and I won’t get rich working this job – but I enjoy the work. I must admit, though, that it’s been murder on my legs! I’m not exactly 20 anymore. 🙂

    I know I’ve said before that a new post is coming. I still have a couple of things in draft form, but I haven’t had the time to complete them. I really, really want to get a post up.

    This week will be the first week, in a while, I think, where my life hasn’t been gueling. I really want to post again. That should happen later this week. I’ll let you know when the post is up.

    Thanks for thinking of me and continuing to be so encouraging. You’re a doll.

    Finally, congrats on your new job! I hope you are settling in to it. I certainly hope that you enjoy your tenure with your new employer.

  12. Alina Popescu replied:

    Naomi, thanks for taking the time to read my posts and reply my comment! I can imagine how hectic things are for you right now. Well,yes, I am settling in just fine at my new job and the new colleagues are turning out better than expected. It’s not the support bunch, but I’ve been seeing most of them also, so I am just enlarging my friends circle.

    Looking forward to your new post and hope things keep getting better and better for you!

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