Tell me I’m not making a deal with the devil


The job interview wasn’t the only eventful thing to happen within the last 24 hours. I got a proposal – of sorts – to temporarily resolve my housing issue. I’m going to accept the offer, but I feel as if I’m making a pact with the devil. Let me explain.

In a previous post, I mentioned that my teenage daughter recently gave birth to a son. Today the baby’s paternal grandfather offered to let my daughter, the baby, and me live in an extra bedroom at his house.

I’m not one who enjoys saying unkind things about other people. But this man, who is currently single, lives with five sons by different mothers. With the exception of his oldest son (the baby’s daddy), the rest of the boys range in age from three to ten.

In the two years I’ve known “Grandpa,” I’ve lost count of how many girlfriends he’s had. He’s been married three or four times (depending on which family member you ask). He’s a notorious flirt, even with me! And it’s no secret that he’s looking for a woman to take care of all his kids.

My life resembles a soap opera enough without taking on this new scenario. But the reality is that my little family and I really need a place to stay until I have more money coming in. My family members won’t help, and this is the only viable option I have right now. At least “Grandpa” has a steady income as a career government employee.

I’m trying to sort this all out. It wouldn’t surprise me if my daughter finds the living arrangement revolting. I will speak to her about it a little later today. If my daughter is dead set against the arrangement, then I’ll try to make other living arrangements for her.

As life would have it, my daughter decided last weekend to end communication with her baby’s father. She is hurt because he doesn’t support her or the baby.

The young man, by the way, is not living with his dad right now. So my daughter may reluctantly agree to live with “Grandpa” and his five boys. This arrangement would last about a month, giving me some time to save some money.

Are you keeping up with all of this?? Sometimes I wonder if I’m keeping it all straight! I could use a shrink about now. (sigh)

Perhaps you now understand why I’m concerned about “making a deal with the devil.”

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. Things could be a lot worse. Stay tuned!

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July 7, 2006. Family, Life, Personal Drama. 5 comments.